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new 2020 soaps are posted! some are limited edition, get yours today!

new 2020 soaps are posted! some are limited edition, get yours today!

new 2020 soaps are posted! some are limited edition, get yours today!new 2020 soaps are posted! some are limited edition, get yours today!

About Us



 Our Story...

I was raised on a small farm in the mountains of West Virginia by my grandparents.  They were extraordinary people—clever, self-sufficient, and hardworking.  I watched my grandparents labor each day to maintain the land and the lifestyle that they loved.  They found fun and satisfaction in a job well done. They were happy people.  Often, they could be heard making jokes and laughing together. They were also very loving and affectionate.  I remember as a child being the recipient of their love and attention at a time when I needed it the most.  I can still see them going off arm in arm to tackle some task together.  

My granddaddy was absolutely the toughest, hardest working man I have ever met.  Without the use of modern equipment, he kept our four-acre farm neat and well maintained using only a sickle, mowing scythe, and other hand tools.  By hand, he built a double rock wall that ran the whole length of the farm. It enclosed a small creek that ran through their property.  The wall is still there today! 

My grandmother was cheerful and quick witted.  She always had fun with the kids.  I remember her whistling around the house while she worked, which might be a surprise considering the one hundred fifty chickens and milk cow that were on that small farm!  The cow was milked morning and evening from which my grandmother made hand-churned butter and buttermilk.  She sold these and the fresh eggs to the neighbors that lived along our creek. 

Mommaw Made Our Soap...

My grandmother made soap and other herbal remedies.  Using the techniques she learned from her parents, she perfected her small batch process over an outdoor fire.  I remember as a child going to the woods to pick mint and mountain tea berries. My grandmother used these and other herbs and wildflowers that she grew as ingredients for her soap.  Her soap was used all throughout the house, including washing clothes, scrubbing floors, and even washing our dog, Bumpy. 

Now it is my turn to pass on to the next generation the lessons I have learned from my wonderful childhood.   I love including my children and grandchildren in all the processes from planting, growing, and harvesting herbs. Many evenings are spent around our table creating new products and naming them. We are thrilled to provide them to you, our dear friends!  There is always plenty to do around the farm and lots of laughter to follow!

Our Journey From Log Cabin Naturals To Stella Creek...

In late 2018, my husband and I found ourselves needing to rename the soap side of our business.  I will not bore you with the details.  I will just say, that this gave me the opportunity to remember how my soap-making came about.  My dear grandmother’s name is Stella. She had a big influence in my life, and I have many fond memories of life along that small West Virginia creek.   So, we decided that naming the soap business after her would be an excellent way of honoring her and always remind us of our roots.  Going forward (and I think she’d be tickled by this) our products will be sold under the name Stella Creek. Our woodworking business will remain Log Cabin Naturals.  You can still find my wonderful husband’s creations at

Thank you for supporting our small farm.  Your business means the world to us!

Live Clean. Live Naturally.




I live on a small farm with my sweet husband of 49 years. We delight in growing medicinal herbs that we use in our soaps and salves.   My husband enjoys woodworking  and loves to recycle old wood into something new and useful. He makes essential oil shelves and sells them on Etsy under the name Log Cabin Naturals.  Life is good! Our children and grandchildren are getting more involved in the running of the farm . Our little ones love gathering eggs, picking herbs, and playing on the farm. 

We are passionate about getting back to the basic things in life.    As a little girl, I watched my grandmother make soap as she had learned from her mother and grandmother.   I desire to pass these skills on to my daughters and granddaughters.   All our soap is made in small batches from scratch using the finest ingredients we can find.    We are so grateful that you visited Stella Creek.



Our creative team consist of some of my favorite people in the world, my family (many of them are pictured above)!   I am so blessed to have their help and support.  We often gather in our soap shop and create wonderful new ideas.   Each of the grandkids have a part in making and naming our soaps.  I love the fresh perspective they bring!  They help in the gathering of herbs and plants that go into our soap.  


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